Electrical Generators

Why should you be considering an Electrical Generator from Olsen Electric?

Electrical Generators provide emergency power during power outages caused by storms or other states of emergency. They provide a level of comfort and safety to households when conventional electrical power sources fail.

Olsen Electric installs and maintains both portable and permanently installed Electrical Generators for residential clients across Northern New Jersey.

Features of portable and permanently installed Electrical Generators

Portable Electrical Generators Permanent Installed Electrical Generators
Gas (gasoline) operatedNatural gas or propane operated
Manual transfer switchAutomatic switching (1/2 sec without power triggers start-up)
Installation includes fabricating plug that's wired directly into the main electrical box.No need for additional wiring or plugs. Switching mechanism transfers power automatically through main electrical box.
1 day installation2 day installation (permit and installation of gas line not included)
Used to power essential items only (refrigerator, furnace, etc).Whole house power.
No permit neededRequires permit and inspection from township. (Ordinances and requirements vary from township to township)
Startup of automatic switching performed by certified technician for warranty.

Olsen Electric recommends and installs Electrical Generators by Kohler and Generac.

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