Electrical Services

Why would you need an upgraded Electrical ServiceĀ from Olsen Electric?

There are many reasons why you might need an upgraded electrical service:

  • We’re using more power today then we did even a few years ago. For instance kitchens are longer just a toaster and an oven – we have advanced electrical equipment in our kitchens (and other rooms) all of which are pulling from an electrical service that might be undersized.
  • We’re concerned about safety and don’t want to overload the existing service.
  • Our existing service still uses fuses and we want to improve and update to circuit breakers.
  • A commercial client might be changing the purpose of a building or installing new equipment both of which may need changes to the electrical service to the building.

The typical electric service to a modern house is 200 amp which is sufficient for the majority of household uses, but this is dependent on the size of the house and the number of “extras” that might be present (swimming pools, home theaters, etc).

Olsen Electric provides upgrades to Electrical Service for both residential and commercial clients across Northern New Jersey. We handle the permit process (ordinances and requirements vary from township to township) and work with the town inspectors to ensure compliance.

Need more information on an upgraded Electrical Service for your home or commercial building? Please contact us at 908-872-6646 or send us an e-mail here.