Go Green

Are you interested in saving money and conserving energy? We hope you’ll consider Going Green with Olsen Electric!

Olsen Electric installs energy and money saving Green Lighting Systems for Residential and Commercial clients across Northern New Jersey. These LED-based (Light Emitting Diode) lighting systems appeal to many people:

  • People who are interested in saving energy and, by extension, money spent on energy
  • Conservationists who are interested in protecting the Earth’s future by reducing our demand for electrical power
  • Home owners interested in reducing the power load on their existing circuits
  • Commercial business owners who are interested in reducing their maintenance costs
  • Anybody interested in reducing air conditioning costs – LED lights run cooler so don’t need as much AC!

There are many resources online that allow you to calculate individual savings based on your specific requirement (LED Bulb Saving Calculator) but here’s a quick guide to how much that can be saved:

 Incandescent BulbLED Bulb
Initial bulb cost~$1.00~$40.00
Wattage60 watt9 watt
Electricity cost (10¢/kWh)$17.50/yr.$2.63/yr.
Life span (continuous use)1000 hours40,000 hours
Life span when used for
8 hours a day, 7 days a week
~4 months~13.5 years
Replacements per year~3
Replacements per life span~40
Cost of bulb replacements each year$3.00
Total annual cost~$20.50$2.63
Total cost over life span~$280.00~$76.00
Total savings per bulb~$200
Total savings (20 bulbs per household)~$4000

Not ready to go totally Green? Then our experts suggest you concentrate on a) high traffic areas such as kitchens and family rooms where lights are being used constantly and b) inaccessible and hard-to-reach fixtures where the low maintenance features of LED lighting will be of benefit.

Would you like to get some more guidance on which areas to change to LED lighting for your home or commercial property? Please contact us at 908-872-6646 or send us an e-mail here.