Parking Lot Lights

If you’re a commercial property owner you’re probably concerned with saving money. Have you considered installing LED Parking Lot Lights from Olsen Electric?

For a general discussion on LED lighting for homes and business please visit our Going Green page.

Replacing old traditional pole lamps with LED fixtures can offer commercial property owners two big advantages:

  1. LED lights use considerably less energy than their traditional counterparts – about 30% of the power of metal halite or mercury vapor lighting.
  2. Maintenance costs are much lower because the life span of an LED fixture is typically 20-30 times longer than with a traditional lighting fixtures.

While there are undeniable upfront costs to be considered when changing to LED parking lot lights the reduction in life span costs are tremendous. Figures from Pacific Gas & Electricity company show an average payback period of 3.3 years for new construction and 4.7 years for retrofits.

In addition to direct savings as described there are still incentive programs, for replacing parking lot lights to more energy efficient solutions, offered by individual towns and utilities.

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