Are you having problems with an electrical component in your home or office? We hope you’ll consider Olsen Electric for your electrical troubleshooting projects!

Troubleshooting is the search for an electrical problem on a circuit that is creating adverse effects. This can be manifested in a number of ways:

  • An electrical outlet or light fixture just isn’t working (or is working on an intermittent basis) and you’ve already checked the obvious things
  • You’ve observed some loose wiring and you have safety concerns that there may be other problems elsewhere
  • You’re having power issues to a new appliance or device

Here’s a scenario that Olsen Electric helped solve:
A client had one room that lost power. The breaker for the room had not tripped and the problem seemed confined to just one room. Olsen Electric discovered that the wiring bringing power to the room had actually burnt out over the entire length of the attic. Further investigation showed that the original contractor had put the wrong sized breaker on the circuit – so the breaker didn’t “break” the wiring did instead! A very dangerous situation was discovered and remedied.

While troubleshooting electrical problems can be time consuming the good news is that most remedies are relatively straightforward. Olsen Electric offers electrical troubleshooting for both Residential and Commercial clients.

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